Deluxe Christmas Fruit Box

Deluxe Christmas Fruit Box

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Fancy a selection box this Christmas that’s a little fruitier? Then our Deluxe Christmas Fruit Box is the perfect sweet treat for you. This Christmas cornucopia gives you exotic treasures like pineapple, mango, passion fruit and golden kiwis as well as punnets of juicy strawberries, blueberries and shiny sharon fruit. Deck your desserts with sweet strawberries, pair Christmas cheese with succulent sharon fruit or just keep your festive fruit bowl filled.

We'll do our best to deliver what's listed below, but it is likely to change at the last minute so we can't guarantee you will receive this exact list. Don’t forget to wash your fruit before use.

Box Contents: (May Vary due to Availability)

Pineapple (x1) 
Mango (x1)
Passion Fruit (x3) 
Kiwi (x5)
Strawberries (500g) 
Blueberries (125g)
Sharon Fruit (x3) 
Cranberries (200g)
Pomegranate (x1)

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