The Christmas Fruit & Veg Box (serves 4-6)

The Christmas Fruit & Veg Box (serves 4-6)

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This is the merry supporting cast to your main festive star, all in one brilliant box, brought right to your door. We’ll take care of everything, so that you can make supermarket queues a thing of Christmas past.

Classic Christmas veg like British parsnips, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage, are accompanied by garlic, herbs and citrus, rounded up from France, Italy and Spain. This is the best of the best, because your Christmas dinner deserves nothing less. Serves up to 8 people.

We'll do our best to deliver what's listed below, but it is likely to change at the last minute so we can't guarantee you will receive this exact list. Don’t forget to wash your fruit & veg before use.

Box Contents: (May Vary due to Availability)

Rooster Potatoes (2.5kg) 
Carrots (1.5kg)
White Onions (1.5kg) 
Red Cabbage (x1)
Parsnips (1.5kg) 
Broccoli (x2)
Brussel Sprouts (1kg)
Garlic (x2)
Bouquet Garni (30g) 
Lemons (x2)
Kiwi (x3)
Blueberries (125g) 
Grapes (500g)
Cantaloupe Melon (x1)
Clementines (x12)

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