Un-Waxed Lemon "Limoni", Organic (500g)

Un-Waxed Lemon "Limoni", Organic (500g)

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Perfect for squeezing into a variety of dishes or even added to a nice glass of G&T, our organic lemons are bursting with juice and flavour.

Country of Origin - Italy
Class - Minimum Class 1

When life gives you lemons, well, the general rule of thumb is to make lemonade out of them. And while you can do so much more with these citrus-y wonders, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a little lemonade. Especially when those lemons are as amazing as the varieties that we’re lucky enough to get our hands on throughout the year. Since 2011 they’ve been grown organically in Italy, where the trees hang heavy with these yellow taste sensations. It couldn’t be any more of an idyllic spot for them. When they’re not soaking up the Italian sun, they’re enjoying a balmy breeze and hanging out (quite literally), right up until they’re plucked from the branches.

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