Eggs, Scottish Free-Range “Barn Eggs”
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Eggs, Scottish Free-Range “Barn Eggs”
Eggs, Scottish Free-Range “Barn Eggs”

Eggs, Scottish Free-Range “Barn Eggs”

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*Please note due to current circumstances with avian influenza, free-range boxed eggs have come from hens that are now barn reared.* 

Disclaimer:The government has introduced measures that require poultry in the UK to be temporarily kept indoors for their welfare. This is to help protect the national flock from an outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu). Although free-range chickens are being kept inside, they're still able to roam freely in large barns and will continue to meet our higher welfare standards. Once the measures have been lifted, we'll return to normal free-range practices. This means that our free-range egg packs, and products made with free-range egg as an ingredient, may currently contain barn eggs.

These free-range eggs are the ultimate convenience food. Eggs are powerhouses of nutrition packed with protein and a range of 18 vitamins and minerals.

A batch of cracking good free range eggs that come from hens who roam, cluck and peck about on free-range farms up and down the country. They’re given time to mature and find their feet, which leads to a wonderfully stress-free environment. That means happy and healthy hens, and ultimately, the highest quality, most delicious eggs you could serve up as part of your weekend fry-up.



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