COVID-19 Response

Our Response

Due to the current climate we have decided it is time for us to diversify in order to help our community and those who are most vunerable during this troubling time.
We are following government advice very closely. For added safety, we are only offering contact-free delivery, to ensure we are limiting contact which will keep everyone safe & healthy.
During this troubling time we ask you to support us with your custom.
Our produce remains of the highest quality and we are doing everything we can to ensure you are pleased.

Our Drivers & Deliveries

We’re having daily briefings with our drivers and continue to uphold the strictest health and safety guidelines, such as regular hand washing and carrying hand sanitiser to sanitise hands between deliveries.

All of our drivers are told to knock on the door, to let you know that they have been, but they will not be staying to chat. We just want to ensure everyone stays at least 2m away from each other.

Our Boxes

There is at the very least 48 hours between someone returning a box and it being used again. It’s usually more likely 3-5 days though. However, we’re aware you might also be concerned about when the boxes are delivered to you, not just returning them to us. There is some new evidence which suggests that if you’re touching items that someone else has recently handled, to be aware that they could be contaminated, so please make sure you wash your hands as soon as you have unpacked your order. It’s for this same reason that our drivers also have gloves to wear and carry hand sanitiser to ensure the absolute best hand hygiene between handling returned boxes and touching new boxes.



Our Packaging

In the current climate to ensure we can continue to get your produce we may need to compromise in some other areas such as packaging. Some products may come wrapped in plastic or come bagged that usually would come loose. We feel that it’s currently more important for us to have enough produce to send to our customers so we ask you to please find ways of reusing packaging you wouldn’t ordinarily expect or to dispose of it responsibly. We hope this will be a short term solution.





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