Black Truffle Oil, Truffle Hunter (5ltr)

Black Truffle Oil, Truffle Hunter (5ltr)

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  • Arbequina Extra virgin olive oil
  • Black truffle flavour
  • IFS Food certified
  • Made by Laumont
  • Product from Spain

Product description

Enhance the flavour and aroma of your recipes with luxurious truffled extra virgin olive oil with black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) aroma.

Create gourmet menus with its intense, spicy and earthy perfume and attract truffle-loving or curious customers who want to try it for the first time. Many chefs and restaurants around the world use it because of its affordable price compared to the high prices of fresh truffles. Just use it in small amounts to add its unique flavour to your food. A little goes a long way.

Arbequina late harvest extra virgin olive oil is made with ripe, delicately flavoured, mildly spicy olives infused with winter truffle aroma.

You can buy black truffle oil online and we will deliver it to the door of your restaurant.

Recipes with black truffle oil

The best way to use winter truffle oil is to add it at the last moment of the dish or to prepare truffled sauces.

It especially goes well with carpaccio, cured meats, cold cuts, bresaola and all kinds of meat dishes.

Ideal for vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, sophisticated mustards. A simple salad becomes a delicious gourmet salad for any occasion.

Perfect with hot dishes such as soups, creams, mashed potatoes. Drizzle as truffle oil for finishing preparations on each portion. 

To amplify flavour and aroma in dishes, drizzle the truffle oil and add black truffle breakings or summer truffle breakings



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