British Cheese Selection, Ford Farm (6x200g)
British Cheese Selection, Ford Farm (6x200g)
British Cheese Selection, Ford Farm (6x200g)

British Cheese Selection, Ford Farm (6x200g)

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This British Cheese Selection offers 6 flavoursome cheeses in one delightful package. They are the perfect accompaniment to be enjoyed with bread, fruit and good wines.

This selection includes:

  • West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, 200g - Made with traditional, West Country milk and old age methods, this Farmouse Mature Cheddar  is matured for 9 months and is full of flavours!
  • Sweet Red Leicester, 200g - Farmhouse Red Leicester is made with West Country milk and plant dye annao, giving it its distinctive russet red colour. Aged for 7 months, the chesse has a a smooth and buttery finish with subtle sweet and nuy notes.
  • Double Gloucester Onion & Chive, 200g - Made with cow's milk this Double Gloucester’s flavour is enriched with onions and chives. The cheese is firm with sweet, buttery, and tangy flavours while the onions and chives provide an additional layer of flavour.
  • Truffle Cheddar, 200g - Coastal Cheddar aged for around 6 months is blended with black olives & mushrooms, expertly infused with the highest quality European Black Truffles (tuber aestivum). 
  • Wensleydale & Apricot, 200g - The perfect combination of fresh citrusy wensleydale combined with juicy Turkish apricots. The cheese has a sweet flavour with honeyed undertones and is combined with the sharp, fruity succulence of apricots. 
  • Oakwood Smoked Cheddar, 200g - A 12-month matured West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, smoked over oak chips for several hours resulting in a delicious Oakwood smoked cheddar.
  • 2 Packs of 6
  • 6 Flavoursome Cheeses per pack
  • Great All Year Round
  • 6 x 200g
  • Serving: Serves 80 portions based off a 30g serving 

Country of Origin: UK



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