Buttermilk, Łowicz (5ltr)

Buttermilk, Łowicz (5ltr)

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What is buttermilk?

Buttermilk is a bi-product of butter (although we like to call it a co-product as we think it is just as delicious as our Jersey butter!). When we churn up our Jersey cream, the fat begins to form into butter and a liquid is squeezed out. This liquid is then fermented to make buttermilk. Whereas our butter is very rich and creamy, our buttermilk is low in fat and high in protein, meaning it is very popular with those interested in fitness.

Buttermilk has some similarities to drinking yogurt, but with nothing added. It's not an easy product to make and we have put a lot of effort into getting our buttermilk as good as we can; which we think means as good as it gets. We are looking for a full body and clean, sharp taste with a slight fizz on the tongue leaving a clean palate at the end.

What do you use it for?

Many people, especially those from East of the Rhine, enjoy our buttermilk without anything added, simply as a traditional refreshing drink. Others blend it with fruit and use it as the basis of a healthy smoothie. Buttermilk is also a key ingredient when baking items like soda bread or scones - improving texture and lifting the taste. You can also add it to mash, to get that creamy texture without the added calories of butter!



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