Dresden Stollen, Lambertz (1kg)

Dresden Stollen, Lambertz (1kg)

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Lambertz Dresden Stollen was once served at the court of kings. Today, this traditional Christmas cake is at the heart of family celebrations not only in Germany but also, across the world. Exquisite ingredients and elaborate preparation created with care and skill make the Dresden Stollen a masterpiece of the baking tradition.

With the generous addition of butter and sultanas in combination with the secret spice blend, Dresdner Christstollen by Dr. Quendt is unique. As soon as you open the Quendt packaging, you are greeted by a delicious scent. The Quendt stollen has a balanced taste: particularly juicy, accompanied by a light fruit acidity, rounded off with a hint of lemon and orange. The crumb of the Dresdner Christstollen is tender and it leaves a pleasant sweetness spreads in the mouth.

  • Secret Spice Blend
  • Butter & Sultanas
  • Light Fruit Acidity
  • Balanced Taste
  • 1kg



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