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Essential Dairy Box

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Box Contents:

Muller, Whole Milk (2 litre) - Pure and simple whole milk contains less than 5% fat.

Eggs, Scottish, Free Range (6 medium) - Our high quality eggs are from free range hens that roam around in the sun.

Butter, Un-Salted, Meadow Churn (250g) - Meadow Churn is a rich butter made from the finest fresh cream creating a rich smooth texture & creamy taste. 

Bread, Kingsmill White (800g) - Soft white bread, loved by everyone. Nothing beats that comforting, warming feeling of biting into jam on toast. This loaf will bring you a little bit of bakery bliss.

Fruit Yogurt, Longley Farm (150g)Longley Farm has been producing prize winning yogurt for over 40 years.  Their famous fruit yogurts, like all our products are free from additives, preservatives or colour. They blend unique 'real' yogurt with lush pieces of fruit and slightly sweeten them with unrefined cane sugar.