Hazelnut Creations, Caffarel (500g)
Hazelnut Creations, Caffarel (500g)

Hazelnut Creations, Caffarel (500g)

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Caffarel Hazelnut Creations offer a delicious assortment of pralines representing the best of Caffarel's chocolate: creamy milk or hazelnut chocolate, together with a selection of premium whole Italian hazelnuts, roasted internally to preserve its perfume and crunchiness. Caffarel use 100% high quality Italian hazelnuts selected and roasted by Caffarel, chosen for their dimensions (14mm in diameter) to give an extra crunch and offering you the ultimate velvety chocolate experience in an authentic masterpiece.

  • Velvety Milk Chocolate
  • Crunchy Whole Italian Hazelnuts
  • Gluten Free
  • 500g

Since 1826, Caffarel have mastered the art of crafting chocolate masterpieces blending fine cocoa with crunchy Italian hazelnuts in a fully integrated chocolate process; from beans to bars. Caffarel keep loyal to the artisanal spirit of their origins by producing in Italy with passion and care for details.



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