Liquid Whole Pasteurised Eggs, Scottish (1ltr/10ltr)

Liquid Whole Pasteurised Eggs, Scottish (1ltr/10ltr)

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Cut down on labour and wastage with Liquid Whole Egg. Each 10 litre Box contains the equivalent of 250 medium sized eggs. No more picking pieces of eggshell out of cracked eggs, just open the lid on the high-strength bag, pour out what you need and replace the lid. EASY! With 72 hours shelf life after opening the 10kg carton would suit high volume sites looking to cut down on labour.

  • 100% British
  • No added stabilisers or preservatives
  • Low water content
  • Fully traceable production chain

Full product specification, available upon request. 

The humble egg has the highest biological value of any protein source. This complete protein contains a brilliant 6g of protein per serving (equivalent to 1 egg). Perfect to stash in your cupboard for omelettes, scrambled eggs or as ingredient when baking.



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