Seville Oranges (for marmalade), 1kg
Seville Oranges (for marmalade), 1kg

Seville Oranges (for marmalade), 1kg

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Seville oranges, the bitter citrus that’s perfect for making marvellous marmalade. For peeling and snacking? Not so much. But if you’ve run out of jars for your spread, why not try using their tangy juice for a salad dressing with zing? Or a sauce that’s sharp enough to cut through even the richest game and meat dishes.


While we're deep into our cold Scottish winter, Rocio Gahona's Seville orange grove still basks in the warmth of the Spanish sun. Her farm, Huerta Ave María, is a stunning location, surrounded by palm trees and elegant tiled villas. Her richly-hued and deeply-flavoured organic Seville oranges make some mighty fine jars of marmalade.



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